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Last Updated October 12, 2006

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    following from my sister-in-law Jill Langer  
My nine-month old nephew, Steven, with his mommy's (Jill) feet, and a haunting image of his daddy, Bruce. June 24, 2001 35 KB
My nephew Justin getting ready for a race. January 12, 2005 78 KB
My nephews Justin and Steven together. February 11, 2004 30 KB
My nephew Justin searching at the creek. January 23, 2004 69 KB
My brother Bruce and cousin Sharon Harms. February 7, 2004 29 KB
    following from my cousin Terri White (c/o her husband, Colin Garnett)  
My cousin Laura and uncle Ray, on her wedding day unknown 19 KB
My grandfather, Henry Parker White, and his brothers

grandpa White is second from the left.

unknown 169 KB
My mother, uncle Ray, and uncle Bob when they were younger

My mother is second from the right.

unknown 88 KB
    following from my cousin Louis J. Farbstein.  
My grandfather Israel Langer

Reba, Ike (in the upper center in a nice suit), Sam, David (possibly), Molly. The baby might be Sarah.

unknown 285 KB
    following from my father, Dr. Steven Langer.  
My father, Dr. Steven Langer unknown 24 KB
My mother and grandparents' resting place in Canada July 1998 whitei.jpg (3824 bytes) 85 KB
My cousin Maddie in the middle with Charles Paull and her son Ronnie? unknown 43 KB
My father, mother, maternal grandparents, and many others. 1955 369 KB
My paternal grandfather (with glasses) and his brothers and sisters? Unknown 252 KB
My paternal grandparents. Unknown 20 KB
    following from me, Geoffrey Langer  
My father, Steven, and me August 1998 dad2i.jpg (1400 bytes) 19 KB
My brother, Bruce, and my sister-in-law, Jill, with their garden in at their prior house July 1998 brucejilli.jpg (1651 bytes) 36 KB
My sister, Diana, in the wilds of Colorado July 1998 dianai.jpg (3665 bytes) 65 KB
My sister, Diana, has been going to an amateur singing bar, the Soiled Dove, in Denver

Here's a sample, but I tried to keep the file small, so the sound quality is not the best

July 1998 EN00516A.gif (885 bytes) 151 KB
Dinner.  Clockwise from the top, my brother Bruce, my sister-in-law Jill, my cousin Jared Casner, my sister Diana, my cousin Sharon Harms, my uncle Robert, my aunt-in-law Mary Jane, and my father Steven. April 2004 229 KB
My nephew, Steven, on the shoulders of some strange uncle of his with a single laser beam eye. June 2006 265 KB
My nephew, Justin, on the shoulders of some strange uncle of his with a single laser beam eye. June 2006 324 KB

Please email me if you know when some of these pictures were taken, or any other corrections.

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